Hello everyone.

Forgive me for my long hiatus. I know, I know… the last song I reviewed was “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE, which was months ago, before it was literally beaten to death by Top 40 radio. But, do not worry, I am back, and I want to make sure I deliver some of the best music news to you.

However, I am going to be completely honest… there is not a lot of music that I completely LOVE right now. Sure, there are some songs that have come out in the last few months that I like, but there’s nothing that has gotten me completely bananas.

Except for one particular artist…

While skimming the Internet bored at work, I came across a new pop girl who goes by the name of Luna Shadows, whose stunning debut EP, Summertime, just dropped.

First of all, I don’t know why no big music bloggers have caught on to the amazingness that is Luna Shadows. Described as, “if Hayley Williams of Paramore was to do Lorde at Karaoke night.” Luna combines swooping melodies, breathy vocals, and gorgeous lyrics over eclectic electro-pop beats.

“Cry Wolf” is the immediate standout and my favorite from the bunch. Resting on top of a twinkling yet stomping beat, the track itself explodes into a masterpiece of a pop chorus that barely surrenders until the final climax. Seriously, I literally feel like I’m running naked in a forest with a flower crown when I listen to this song. IT’S AMAZING!

“Hallelujah California” is another standout, and actually the first song I heard from Miss Shadows. The song itself is a complete 180 from “Cry Wolf,” but I swear it is equally as catchy. Recalling that Lana-esque Born To Die hip-hop haze, Luna’s vocals sound like an LSD daydream as she sings “meet me on the east side we can taste the sweet life ~SiLvEr ScReEnS~” Honestly, I don’t even do drugs but this is making wanna smoke a fatty J and run naked on the beach (see a theme here)?

In all honesty, I literally just do not know how or why the general public is sleeping on Luna. Every song is completely different in tempo and style, but the EP is effortlessly cohesive and amazing, showing the potential and versatility of this artist. I’m only more than excited to see what this girl is going to cook up next.

If you love music, it would be a sin to miss out on this chick. Seriously, she’s amazing.

Listen below ~




Hello all.

You must forgive me for my two-month hiatus from Apollo’s Radio. Post-grad life has been hectic as hell, and I haven’t had time to sit down and properly do anything productive for myself since May.

BUT, just as living Goddess on earth Godney Spearsus once said:

It’s been a while

I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting

but I’m here now ~

And, so, here I am …with review of a properly amazing summer banga!!!

Now, I have always been a fan of Demi. IMHO, I think she is the most talented Disney starlet/singer. She has amazing pipes and can write some good tunes (“Catch Me” anyone??) So, naturally, I am more than excited for her new album.

“Cool for the Summer” is the first taste, and it is all sorts of amazing. Picture Demi and the Chemical Brothers on a tequila-fueled bender in Palm Springs for Memorial Day weekend, and you basically get the gist of it. Demi opts to ditch her powerhouse vocals for a more hushed and #sensual delivery over a chilly piano led instrumental. But, it’s not until the chorus where the song gets all sorts of bonkers and bananas. The whole affair goes from zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds as Demi begs, “TAKE ME DOWN INTO YOUR PARADISE DON’T BE SCARED CAUSE I’M YOUR BODY TyyyYYYpppEEE,” over a jagged electric guitar breakdown that recalls “Galvanize.” Like seriously… it’s a bonafide jam.

Also, can we talk about the bi-curiousness hinted in the song?? Totally here for it.

This, THISSSS is the summer song I can get down to. I knew Miss Demi wouldn’t let me down, and it is honestly such a relief and surprise to hear something so different from her. If this is any indication for her next album – we are in for such a treat.