Hello all.

You must forgive me for my two-month hiatus from Apollo’s Radio. Post-grad life has been hectic as hell, and I haven’t had time to sit down and properly do anything productive for myself since May.

BUT, just as living Goddess on earth Godney Spearsus once said:

It’s been a while

I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting

but I’m here now ~

And, so, here I am …with review of a properly amazing summer banga!!!

Now, I have always been a fan of Demi. IMHO, I think she is the most talented Disney starlet/singer. She has amazing pipes and can write some good tunes (“Catch Me” anyone??) So, naturally, I am more than excited for her new album.

“Cool for the Summer” is the first taste, and it is all sorts of amazing. Picture Demi and the Chemical Brothers on a tequila-fueled bender in Palm Springs for Memorial Day weekend, and you basically get the gist of it. Demi opts to ditch her powerhouse vocals for a more hushed and #sensual delivery over a chilly piano led instrumental. But, it’s not until the chorus where the song gets all sorts of bonkers and bananas. The whole affair goes from zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds as Demi begs, “TAKE ME DOWN INTO YOUR PARADISE DON’T BE SCARED CAUSE I’M YOUR BODY TyyyYYYpppEEE,” over a jagged electric guitar breakdown that recalls “Galvanize.” Like seriously… it’s a bonafide jam.

Also, can we talk about the bi-curiousness hinted in the song?? Totally here for it.

This, THISSSS is the summer song I can get down to. I knew Miss Demi wouldn’t let me down, and it is honestly such a relief and surprise to hear something so different from her. If this is any indication for her next album – we are in for such a treat.