Hello everyone.

Forgive me for my long hiatus. I know, I know… the last song I reviewed was “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE, which was months ago, before it was literally beaten to death by Top 40 radio. But, do not worry, I am back, and I want to make sure I deliver some of the best music news to you.

However, I am going to be completely honest… there is not a lot of music that I completely LOVE right now. Sure, there are some songs that have come out in the last few months that I like, but there’s nothing that has gotten me completely bananas.

Except for one particular artist…

While skimming the Internet bored at work, I came across a new pop girl who goes by the name of Luna Shadows, whose stunning debut EP, Summertime, just dropped.

First of all, I don’t know why no big music bloggers have caught on to the amazingness that is Luna Shadows. Described as, “if Hayley Williams of Paramore was to do Lorde at Karaoke night.” Luna combines swooping melodies, breathy vocals, and gorgeous lyrics over eclectic electro-pop beats.

“Cry Wolf” is the immediate standout and my favorite from the bunch. Resting on top of a twinkling yet stomping beat, the track itself explodes into a masterpiece of a pop chorus that barely surrenders until the final climax. Seriously, I literally feel like I’m running naked in a forest with a flower crown when I listen to this song. IT’S AMAZING!

“Hallelujah California” is another standout, and actually the first song I heard from Miss Shadows. The song itself is a complete 180 from “Cry Wolf,” but I swear it is equally as catchy. Recalling that Lana-esque Born To Die hip-hop haze, Luna’s vocals sound like an LSD daydream as she sings “meet me on the east side we can taste the sweet life ~SiLvEr ScReEnS~” Honestly, I don’t even do drugs but this is making wanna smoke a fatty J and run naked on the beach (see a theme here)?

In all honesty, I literally just do not know how or why the general public is sleeping on Luna. Every song is completely different in tempo and style, but the EP is effortlessly cohesive and amazing, showing the potential and versatility of this artist. I’m only more than excited to see what this girl is going to cook up next.

If you love music, it would be a sin to miss out on this chick. Seriously, she’s amazing.

Listen below ~




When I first heard that Joe Jonas was going to start a “new band,” I kind of rolled my eyes. Back in the day when he was prepping his first solo album with Hollywood Records, rumors were buzzing around that he was working with Frankmusik on an electropop album that was influenced by Freddie Mercury. I was, like, seriously excited because I really thought he was about to deliver a dance-worthy electro ditty that sounded like the JoBros went to the Copacabana with Erasure. BUT NOPE! After all that hoopla, we got Fastlife, which, let’s be real here, totally sucked. From the awful cover art to the reheated Chris Brown tracks, the whole thing was just sooooo meh and forced. I mean, he was literally at his prime and that’s literally all he could do? #Disappointed.

Cut to five years later, and we now have DNCE and their first single, “Cake by the Ocean,” co-crafted by Justin Tranter and Mattman and Robin. Let me just say, I am more than thrilled with this song. It’s a BOP and everything that I wanted to hear from a band called DNCE. Starting off with some chill guitar licks, the song quickly erupts into a massive chorus that sort of recalls “Here (In Your Arms)” by Hellogoodbye, but with a little more hutzpah. “Walk for me, baby, I’ll be Didd and you’ll be Naomi, whoa-oh, Let’s lose our minds and go fucking crazy, I-I-I-I-I-I keep on hoping we’ll eat cake by the ocean!” Does it make sense? Not really. But, who cares??? It’s catchy AF, and I’m here for it.

Seriously though, I am actually really excited for this album. It sounds like for once; Joe Jo is actually making music he likes that actually has some personality and character. And, if this single is any indication, his brother Nick may have some competition on the charts this fall.

Listen below~



So the other day I was at a club, you know doing my thang, when all of a sudden a song I have never heard before started to fill the room. You know that feeling when you listen to a song for the first time and you immediately just KNOW. This only ever happens to me like two times a year so I immediately whipped out my phone like a major loser in the middle of the dance floor to Shazam what may be my new favorite booty poppin’ jam.

“All Hands On Deck” is a serious BOP. Co-written with the fabulous Bebe Rexha, the song is the perfect follow up to “2 On” in that it retains that chilly 2-kewl-4-U vibe that Tinashe embodies all too perfectly. Starting off with a twinkly minimal club beat that somewhat recalls “Gas Pedal” by Sage The Gemini, Tinashe’s vocals take the lead right away while coolly riding above the beat like the ethereal goddess that she is. “All hands on deck! All in the front all in the back just like that! Imma blow ya mind like that!” She cockily commands over the synth-stabbing chorus. Seriously her vocals are literally the aural equivalent of sex and I just… I can’t.

Many bloggers have predicted that she would change the game and now I am fully on deck (see what I did there LOL). I honestly just do not understand what took me so long to fully delve into her AMAZING debut album, Aquarius. She is the perfect R&B-pop star and I am loving it. She can dance, she can sing, she can write, and she’s gorgeous. Like seriously she’s the perfect little hybrid of Janet and Britney Spears circa 2003. Honestly if you don’t stan for Tinashe get off my blog right now. Tinashe is the truth, Tinashe is the future, Tinashe is E V E R Y T H I N G.

Listen below ~


Since it is officially #SpringBreak2k15 I figured I would share some undeniable jams that are perfect for chilling by the pool, catching some rays out by the beach, or #TurningThePhuckUp for a cray night out in paradise. Now these are some personal picks that I chose for this year and they aren’t all particularly brand new, but really who really cares? IT’S SPRING BREAK, BITCHES! Now let’s break it down with my top 3 for this year.

“Pop Rock” – Brooke Candy


Miss #FreakyPrincess Brooke Candy released her debut major label EP, Opulence, last June and although it didn’t make too much of a splash on the charts – it was undeniably amazing. “Pop Rock” was one of the immediate standouts of the bunch, combining a glitchy tropical rhythm with video game-esque beats that sound like the Super Mario Bros on shrooms. Brookie C delivers some serious Rihanna swagga with innuendo filled verses about …um… well you can listen and figure it out yourself. But, there is just something so irresistibly badass when she commands us to “follow me, follow me yeah.” Sensual. Tropical. Amazing. AKA a perfect spring break jam.

Listen Below~


“Jenny” – Studio Killers


The Studio Killers are a virtual band much like popular alt-rock crew the Gorillaz. Unlike the Gorillaz though, the Studio Killers produce some seriously catchy synth-pop in comparison to the jagged tunes that the Gorillaz put out. While their eponymous debut album is absolutely amazing (seriously check it out) one track in particular transcends into the realm of ultimate pop perfection. “Jenny” mixes the EDM sounds of St. Tropez and St. Maarten into one major aural orgasm. “I wanna ruin our friendship, we should be lovers instead,” Chubby Cherry confesses over the synth stabbing chorus. While the song is an obvious must have for a tropical getaway, the melancholy lyrics of unrequited love between two best friends are particularly captivating for any playlist. Honestly this is one of my favorite songs, and I would be lying if I said I never drunkenly cried to this song after my crush didn’t like my latest selfie on Instagram. And yes, Chubby Cherry is the lead singer’s name.

Listen Below~


“Marabou” – Antonia


Though the song isn’t new to the world, this was a surprising find for me. Out of all the songs on my list this is the most typical “loungy” vacation tune, but that does not mean it isn’t anything short of incredible. Think of “Marabou” as the post EDM sister to “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina. Unlike “Stereo Love,” which had a harder beat built for the dance floor, “Marabou” sounds just like a chilled out sunset. “Your waves will hit me like déjà vu, follow me  down to Marabou,” Antonia seductively purrs over the Latin guitar driven chorus. The whole track is almost mesmerizing enough to make you book your next vacation to Marabou (DISCLAIMER: Marabou is not a real place). But whatever, enjoy the song.

Listen Below ~

“Lean On” Major Lazer X DJ Snake feat. MØ


Since spring break is nearly upon us (thank Lord Beysus), I’ve been scourging the Internet for some new jams to add to my spring break playlist. Luckily, Major Lazer has just dropped the properly amazing lead single off their upcoming as of yet untitled third studio album that is due to arrive this spring.

The song in question is called “Lean On” and features French DJ-Snake on production and Danish singer-songwriter MØ on vocals. Much like most of Major Lazer’s compositions, the song mixes their signature reggae sound with glitchy electronics. But, this one is a little more #turndown and “pop” as opposed to the more #turnt EDM stadium sized juggernauts the group is known for. In fact, it is almost the perfect sequel to “All My Love,” which could only make sense considering MØ co-wrote both tracks. MØ’s vocals are sultry and euphoric while cooly riding upon a chilly moombahton driven beat. “Blow a kiss! Fire a gun! We all need someone to lean on!” MØ declares before the track dips into a twerk worthy breakdown. Though nothing groundbreaking or particularly too different from past Major Lazer productions, it is most definitely one of their better singles. From “All My Love” to “Lean On,” Major Lazer has been on a winning streak as of late, and I am personally excited for more of their upcoming music.

In all, it is a perfect song to add to your #SpringBreak2k15 playlist. Listen to it on the beach as you catch some rays while sipping on some Miami vices. Listen to it at your hotel room pregame as you try to down that last shot José (barf). Or even by the pool the morning after as you contemplate the meaning of life in your post tequila bending stupor.

Listen Below ~

“5 A.M.” Calvin Harris feat. Tinashe



So remember about a month ago EDM-king Calvin Harris was chatting it up over at Spin that he had written a song with icy electro-R’n’B kween Tinashe that was rejected from Rihanna’s new album? Well, looks like it might have just leaked.

The song is called “5 A.M.” and unlike the last collaboration between the two with “We Found Love,” this one is a more chilled out island-EDM inflected jam. In fact, it sounds nothing like Harris, but more like something Diplo would have produced. It is almost too clear that the demo was made for Rihanna considering Tinashe is doing her best to give us that signature Caribbean vocal delivery that @badgalriri is oh so famous for. Especially when that little pre-chorus kicks in with those “bayhbey!” yelps before the whole track dips into a guitar driven reggae breakdown. The track is hot. The track is clever. The track makes me wanna give no #phucks and just sit back on a beach drinking some piña coladas (non-virgin).

Now I am not usually one to comment on leaks, but this one required some attention because let’s cut the shit: The new Rihanna single is no good.

Now I’m not saying “FourFiveSeconds” is horrendous… it’s just not that great. It actually sounds like some lame reheated Fionna Apple demo. Listen, out of all the pop bitches I rely on Rihanna to deliver me a booty poppin banga. I mean honestly… this is the girl that sang lyrics like “suck my cockiness lick my purrrsuasion.” But with “FourFiveSeconds” we get lyrics like, “Now I’m four five seconds from wildin’ and we got three more days ’til Friday.” Like… okay? But, what does that even mean though? “5 A.M.” could have been a great lead single for #R8 but instead we got this snoozy balled. Plus, that Grammys performance did it no justice- it was so boring I got up to walk my dog in the frigid snow.

Whatever though, I still have faith that our bad gal will deliver something properly amazing… let’s just hope it’s soon. For now I’ll pretend in an alternate universe Rihanna ended up serving this as her lead single and ill keep listening here in our universe waiting to see what she has next up her weave. THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR. THIS IS WHAT WE ALL WANTED TO HEAR. LET’S BE REAL PEOPLE.

Listen below ~

“Right Here, Right Now” – Giorgio Moroder feat. Kylie Minogue


Let me start off this post by saying that I have an unwavering devotion to disco super producer Giorgio Moroder. As a boy whose mother is a fiery Latina that thrived at Studio 54 and Copacabana in the early 80s– I was basically raised on disco music. So, when Giorgio Moroder announced he was releasing an album this spring, I honestly pissed my pants. I then proceeded to shit my pants when I found out that it would feature the likes of Sia, Kylie Minogue, Charli XCX, and the legendary Britney Spears. He first dropped a total raveathon instrumental buzz-track called “74 Is The New 24” earlier last year, but now we finally have the first official single from the project… and it’s completely amazing.

“Right Here, Right Now” appropriately features the goddess known to us humans as Kylie Minogue. The track opens with a sparse euphoric synth line that slowly incorporates Giorgio’s signature distorted vocals gliding in the background. Once the beat kicks in Kylie’s sexy voice delivers her signature sass with blissful lyrics to boot. Giorgio’s production is tight and not overbearing to Kylie’s presence, which lets her lead the way in the track. Though Giorgio is known for his exhilarating disco productions that sound like they came from year 3015, this song is more streamlined and “pop” in comparison. It honestly sounds like something you would hear while lounging poolside at the Gansevoort on a hot summer in July. In other words, it’s the best summer song of the winter. The chorus itself builds up to nothing short of amazingness when she chants, “Staring at your eyes, I see the sunrise, there’s no where else but right here, right now!” Euphoric, shimmering, sunny, and happy—all of the ingredients to a perfect Kylie Minogue song.

The best part about Giorgio is that he always adapts to the artist he is working with. From Donna Summer, Freddie Mercury, to Blondie his collaborations have always been versatile and unique. “Right Here, Right Now” is no exception, as it sounds like something that could have comfortably fit on any of Kylie’s albums in the last decade. There is that signature Giorgio vocoder effect, but Kylie is the one that really owns the track. If this song is any indication, we can expect great things to come from Mr. Moroder in 2015.

Listen below~