Listen here, I have loved Miss Ellie Goulding for a long, long time. “Under The Sheets” was a monster pop song that will go down as one of my all time favorites, and Halcyon was an amazing (if not underrated) pop gem.

She’s a phenomenal songwriter and she’s got very distinctive vocal chops that separate her from the other pop bitches on the radio right now. The thing I have always loved about Ellie is that her style was always slightly to the left, which typically landed her in the more ~indie~ pop star realm. So, it only makes sense that after the global success of the Max Martin produced “Love Me Like You Do” she would opt for a more “bigger sound” which could usher her into the upper echelons of the pop goddesses.

Despite the fact that this is her official foray into a more mainstream sound, the single is still distinctively Ellie Goulding. It’s loopy, fun, a little weird, and has an earworm of a hook. Skittering over a Reggae-tinged dubby beat, Ellie’s voice hiccups and glides seamlessly into a monster chorus. “Boy I got you on my mind! But, my heart don’t understand, why I got you on my mind!” Even though her voice is a little chopped up here and there, the bridge drops the electro background into an atmospheric haze that lets her voice shine. A true #pop moment TBQH.

I will be honest, I was really afraid that she was going to let other “hit makers” write her songs for her considering “Love Me Like You Do” was written by Miss Tove Lo (NOT COMPLAINING JUST STATING FACTS). But, I am so relieved by this single! You have no idea. Sure, it will inevitably do amazing on the radio, but it still has her signature bite. After three years, this is a solid comeback single, and I am officially ready for her new album Delirium. BRING IT ELLIE!

~Delirium will be available on November 6th ~

(Will upload audio once available)