Disco god Giorgio Moroder (you know the guy that basically invented synth disco) has just unleashed the second single off of his new album, and let me just say I am in literal tears. “Déjà vu” features the vocal and writing stylings of a little known artist known as Sia (or that singer that performs with her back to the audience). So obviously the holy union between these two powerhouses was bound to produce something special.

To be completely honest this is one of those songs I had to listen to three times before I fell in love. At first I was like okay, then I was like okaayyyyy, then on the third listen I was like OKAYYYYYYY YAS. Starting off with a whimsical violin intro, the track delves into pure disco euphoria that sounds all too familiar and new at the same time… just like déjà vu (I’M SO FUNNY). There is just something absolutely heavenly when she declares, “Oh my heart ached, but I knew fate would send you my way, and when you came my heart was saved, I’ve known you for lifetimes baby!” Honestly what a chorus. Oh and can we talk about those dreamy “dejjaaaa vuuuuuzz” over the post-chorus? AMAZING.

While “Right Here, Right Now” was a little more electropop and Kylie-esque, this one is undeniably golden era Moroder disco and a perfect single to precede his album. “Déjà Vu” is one of those rare songs that is so perfect that you don’t want to listen to it too much. So just pray to God that this song isn’t as overexposed as “Chandelier” because I’m literally sick of seeing Maddie Ziegler dancing around in a leotard.

Listen below~