So the other day I was at a club, you know doing my thang, when all of a sudden a song I have never heard before started to fill the room. You know that feeling when you listen to a song for the first time and you immediately just KNOW. This only ever happens to me like two times a year so I immediately whipped out my phone like a major loser in the middle of the dance floor to Shazam what may be my new favorite booty poppin’ jam.

“All Hands On Deck” is a serious BOP. Co-written with the fabulous Bebe Rexha, the song is the perfect follow up to “2 On” in that it retains that chilly 2-kewl-4-U vibe that Tinashe embodies all too perfectly. Starting off with a twinkly minimal club beat that somewhat recalls “Gas Pedal” by Sage The Gemini, Tinashe’s vocals take the lead right away while coolly riding above the beat like the ethereal goddess that she is. “All hands on deck! All in the front all in the back just like that! Imma blow ya mind like that!” She cockily commands over the synth-stabbing chorus. Seriously her vocals are literally the aural equivalent of sex and I just… I can’t.

Many bloggers have predicted that she would change the game and now I am fully on deck (see what I did there LOL). I honestly just do not understand what took me so long to fully delve into her AMAZING debut album, Aquarius. She is the perfect R&B-pop star and I am loving it. She can dance, she can sing, she can write, and she’s gorgeous. Like seriously she’s the perfect little hybrid of Janet and Britney Spears circa 2003. Honestly if you don’t stan for Tinashe get off my blog right now. Tinashe is the truth, Tinashe is the future, Tinashe is E V E R Y T H I N G.

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Music news has been rather slow lately, but thankfully the pop gods have decided to bless our unworthy ears with a bonafide jam. Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of a little known band known as The Killers, has unleashed the first single off of his upcoming second LP, The Desired Effect and it’s EVERYTHING.

This, friends, THIS is the Brandon Flower’s song we always wanted. Co-helmed by HAIM, Madonna, and Sky Ferreira producer Ariel Rechtshaid, the song is a euphoric swirl of 70s glam disco and 80s electro-rock all whilst sounding current and not too retro. Think of this song as being the aural love child of Erasure, the Pet Shop Boys, and The Killers circa 2005- seriously it’s that great. “You can run to the hillside, you can close your eyes, but you’re not gonna deny my love!” Flowers declares over the punchy chorus. Oh, and can we also talk about the amazing middle eight that literally ascends to a different plane of reality right before crashing back down into an ocean of synth flourishes?!?! I CAN’T.

In all, this song is quite the perfect pop single. As a fan of The Killers and Brandon Flowers, I must say that I gave a huge sigh of relief when I heard this song. I mean… I loved his first album, Flamingo, but this is something that will most definitely usher him into the upper echelon of pop-music. Honestly we need some real male pop singers, none of that Justin Bieber shit (though “Love Me” will always be a jam). If this single is any indication, The Desired Effect may be the best album of 2015. Listen Below ~



I have always been a lover of vintage clothes. Nothing thrills me more than going to the tackiest bodega and rummaging through the racks to find an old *NSYNC tour shirt for $7. So I am always happy to stumble upon a new place to satisfy my wallet burning desires. What Goes Around Comes Around is a fairly famous place located in West Village that I finally decided to hit it up with some friends last weekend… and I really think #ThisCouldBeLove.

What Goes Around Comes Around describes itself as “the world’s premier destination for authentic luxury and goods,” and that’s exactly what it is. If Beacon’s Closet is bacon, then What Goes Around Comes Around is definitely prosciutto. Unlike these other casual vintage spots you can find littered around the villages of Manhattan, this one dedicates itself to hand picked designer wear for both men and women of any age and occasion. They have everything from white fox mafia wife-esque fur coats to hand sewn Japanese silk sukajan jackets. Their selection also includes racks upon racks of one-of-a-kind tour shirts and grungy patterned pants that honestly made me salivate. They even have a whole selection of vintage 50’s gold jewelry that would fulfill a rapper’s dream.

Beware friends… these are luxury goods, so some apparel can get a little pricey despite the fact that it has been used. For example, a $300 shearling coat had some noticeable rips and sewn in pieces. In all though, What Goes Around Comes Around is definitely a place that you have to check out if you’re a lover of fashion. Just make sure you’re okay wearing something that was owned by someone that is now probably dead.


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Since it is officially #SpringBreak2k15 I figured I would share some undeniable jams that are perfect for chilling by the pool, catching some rays out by the beach, or #TurningThePhuckUp for a cray night out in paradise. Now these are some personal picks that I chose for this year and they aren’t all particularly brand new, but really who really cares? IT’S SPRING BREAK, BITCHES! Now let’s break it down with my top 3 for this year.

“Pop Rock” – Brooke Candy


Miss #FreakyPrincess Brooke Candy released her debut major label EP, Opulence, last June and although it didn’t make too much of a splash on the charts – it was undeniably amazing. “Pop Rock” was one of the immediate standouts of the bunch, combining a glitchy tropical rhythm with video game-esque beats that sound like the Super Mario Bros on shrooms. Brookie C delivers some serious Rihanna swagga with innuendo filled verses about …um… well you can listen and figure it out yourself. But, there is just something so irresistibly badass when she commands us to “follow me, follow me yeah.” Sensual. Tropical. Amazing. AKA a perfect spring break jam.

Listen Below~


“Jenny” – Studio Killers


The Studio Killers are a virtual band much like popular alt-rock crew the Gorillaz. Unlike the Gorillaz though, the Studio Killers produce some seriously catchy synth-pop in comparison to the jagged tunes that the Gorillaz put out. While their eponymous debut album is absolutely amazing (seriously check it out) one track in particular transcends into the realm of ultimate pop perfection. “Jenny” mixes the EDM sounds of St. Tropez and St. Maarten into one major aural orgasm. “I wanna ruin our friendship, we should be lovers instead,” Chubby Cherry confesses over the synth stabbing chorus. While the song is an obvious must have for a tropical getaway, the melancholy lyrics of unrequited love between two best friends are particularly captivating for any playlist. Honestly this is one of my favorite songs, and I would be lying if I said I never drunkenly cried to this song after my crush didn’t like my latest selfie on Instagram. And yes, Chubby Cherry is the lead singer’s name.

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“Marabou” – Antonia


Though the song isn’t new to the world, this was a surprising find for me. Out of all the songs on my list this is the most typical “loungy” vacation tune, but that does not mean it isn’t anything short of incredible. Think of “Marabou” as the post EDM sister to “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina. Unlike “Stereo Love,” which had a harder beat built for the dance floor, “Marabou” sounds just like a chilled out sunset. “Your waves will hit me like déjà vu, follow me  down to Marabou,” Antonia seductively purrs over the Latin guitar driven chorus. The whole track is almost mesmerizing enough to make you book your next vacation to Marabou (DISCLAIMER: Marabou is not a real place). But whatever, enjoy the song.

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Life:Curated – Not Your Typical Brooklyn Bodega


So, this weekend I figured I would treat myself to a “me” day. If you don’t know what a “me” day is I suggest you start having “me” days because they are essential to your well-being. “Me” days are when you wake up feeling #FineFreshFierce and decide to tackle the glowing metropolis of Manhattan alone whilst jamming to your #SpringBreak2k15 playlists as you shop and eat whateva you want. So on my “me” day I stumbled upon what I think may be one of my new favorite shopping spots.

You may be wondering, what is this amazing place? Well, this place is called Life:Curated and it’s situated nicely on the corner of Bedford Ave and Grand St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In a typical hipster Brooklyn fashion a majority of their clothes come from local artists and designers. But this isn’t some pretentious bodega where the peddler claims that the threads of some plain white shirt were crafted by some organic witch doctor from Jupiter. Instead, they have diverse selections from Herschel to Zanerobe that could please anyone. If your feeling #classy you can pick up a printed button down that would look great on a date or a casual stroll to class or work. If you’re feeling a lil #sassy you can pick up a custom made tee featuring Anna Wintour’s RBF (that’s a “resting bitch face” for the non-familiar). They even have a great selection of colognes and bathroom merchandise that may or may not pique your interest.

In all, they have a wide selection and if you’re ever in the neighborhood I would most definitely check them out. Though their stuff can get a little pricey (like obv its New York) they have sales like, all the time. On top of that everyone there is super nice and they are constantly changing and adding new material to their racks to keep the selection fresh and dare I say… #trendy. Oh, and they have a website, which connects to all their social media accounts so you can keep up with their inventory updates.


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“Lean On” Major Lazer X DJ Snake feat. MØ


Since spring break is nearly upon us (thank Lord Beysus), I’ve been scourging the Internet for some new jams to add to my spring break playlist. Luckily, Major Lazer has just dropped the properly amazing lead single off their upcoming as of yet untitled third studio album that is due to arrive this spring.

The song in question is called “Lean On” and features French DJ-Snake on production and Danish singer-songwriter MØ on vocals. Much like most of Major Lazer’s compositions, the song mixes their signature reggae sound with glitchy electronics. But, this one is a little more #turndown and “pop” as opposed to the more #turnt EDM stadium sized juggernauts the group is known for. In fact, it is almost the perfect sequel to “All My Love,” which could only make sense considering MØ co-wrote both tracks. MØ’s vocals are sultry and euphoric while cooly riding upon a chilly moombahton driven beat. “Blow a kiss! Fire a gun! We all need someone to lean on!” MØ declares before the track dips into a twerk worthy breakdown. Though nothing groundbreaking or particularly too different from past Major Lazer productions, it is most definitely one of their better singles. From “All My Love” to “Lean On,” Major Lazer has been on a winning streak as of late, and I am personally excited for more of their upcoming music.

In all, it is a perfect song to add to your #SpringBreak2k15 playlist. Listen to it on the beach as you catch some rays while sipping on some Miami vices. Listen to it at your hotel room pregame as you try to down that last shot José (barf). Or even by the pool the morning after as you contemplate the meaning of life in your post tequila bending stupor.

Listen Below ~

NYFW – Kanye West x Adidas

kanye final

Since this is a music and fashion blog, I figured it is only appropriate to talk about Kanye’s new shoe collaboration with Adidas. From the first show it is already apparent that the line looks way more promising than his other forays into fashion considering the trainwrecks he had at Paris Fashion week in 2011 and 2012. Yet, those presentations were solely based from his own fashion label, DW Kanye West, while this is a proper collaboration with Adidas.

Apparently inspired by the London riots of 2011(whatever that means), the designs are meant to represent “Robin Hood high fashion,” which is kind of the best way to describe the overall theme of the ensemble. Oversized coats, tattered sweaters, and darker hues are all the rave here. Picture Link from the Legend of Zelda being styled by Hedi Slimane and you basically got the look. But, we’re here to focus in on the most important aspect of the collaboration- the shoes. West has rocked the Yeezy 750 sneaker-boots around as of late, most notably at the Grammys and at the airport where he ranted about undeserving grammy winner Beck to the paps (GET THAT SHAMELESS SELF PROMO, KANYE!) Now we have a closer look at the whole line, and I am honestly impressed.

Though he claims they are “high fashion,” the shoes are something I would consider to be “high street fashion.” The colors are neutral, which is good because they can go with anything. They all look nice enough to pull together what would otherwise be a boring-ass outfit. Wear the white snakeskin runners with some sweat pants and a leather jacket and you got yourself a dope outfit. Or you can take the high-rise sneaker boots and tuck them into a pair of loud colored jeans to give it a funky Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale-esque look. In all- the line looks hella cool, but like… $425 for a pair of sneakers is mad expensive. Will I be rushing to Adidas to cop a pair on Feb. 28th? Probably not… but we’ll see.

Oh, and Miss Anna Wintour’s reaction to baby North crying during the show?

  kanye 3


Some highlights~

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