Music news has been rather slow lately, but thankfully the pop gods have decided to bless our unworthy ears with a bonafide jam. Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of a little known band known as The Killers, has unleashed the first single off of his upcoming second LP, The Desired Effect and it’s EVERYTHING.

This, friends, THIS is the Brandon Flower’s song we always wanted. Co-helmed by HAIM, Madonna, and Sky Ferreira producer Ariel Rechtshaid, the song is a euphoric swirl of 70s glam disco and 80s electro-rock all whilst sounding current and not too retro. Think of this song as being the aural love child of Erasure, the Pet Shop Boys, and The Killers circa 2005- seriously it’s that great. “You can run to the hillside, you can close your eyes, but you’re not gonna deny my love!” Flowers declares over the punchy chorus. Oh, and can we also talk about the amazing middle eight that literally ascends to a different plane of reality right before crashing back down into an ocean of synth flourishes?!?! I CAN’T.

In all, this song is quite the perfect pop single. As a fan of The Killers and Brandon Flowers, I must say that I gave a huge sigh of relief when I heard this song. I mean… I loved his first album, Flamingo, but this is something that will most definitely usher him into the upper echelon of pop-music. Honestly we need some real male pop singers, none of that Justin Bieber shit (though “Love Me” will always be a jam). If this single is any indication, The Desired Effect may be the best album of 2015. Listen Below ~


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