I have always been a lover of vintage clothes. Nothing thrills me more than going to the tackiest bodega and rummaging through the racks to find an old *NSYNC tour shirt for $7. So I am always happy to stumble upon a new place to satisfy my wallet burning desires. What Goes Around Comes Around is a fairly famous place located in West Village that I finally decided to hit it up with some friends last weekend… and I really think #ThisCouldBeLove.

What Goes Around Comes Around describes itself as “the world’s premier destination for authentic luxury and goods,” and that’s exactly what it is. If Beacon’s Closet is bacon, then What Goes Around Comes Around is definitely prosciutto. Unlike these other casual vintage spots you can find littered around the villages of Manhattan, this one dedicates itself to hand picked designer wear for both men and women of any age and occasion. They have everything from white fox mafia wife-esque fur coats to hand sewn Japanese silk sukajan jackets. Their selection also includes racks upon racks of one-of-a-kind tour shirts and grungy patterned pants that honestly made me salivate. They even have a whole selection of vintage 50’s gold jewelry that would fulfill a rapper’s dream.

Beware friends… these are luxury goods, so some apparel can get a little pricey despite the fact that it has been used. For example, a $300 shearling coat had some noticeable rips and sewn in pieces. In all though, What Goes Around Comes Around is definitely a place that you have to check out if you’re a lover of fashion. Just make sure you’re okay wearing something that was owned by someone that is now probably dead.


Some Pictures~



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