Since it is officially #SpringBreak2k15 I figured I would share some undeniable jams that are perfect for chilling by the pool, catching some rays out by the beach, or #TurningThePhuckUp for a cray night out in paradise. Now these are some personal picks that I chose for this year and they aren’t all particularly brand new, but really who really cares? IT’S SPRING BREAK, BITCHES! Now let’s break it down with my top 3 for this year.

“Pop Rock” – Brooke Candy


Miss #FreakyPrincess Brooke Candy released her debut major label EP, Opulence, last June and although it didn’t make too much of a splash on the charts – it was undeniably amazing. “Pop Rock” was one of the immediate standouts of the bunch, combining a glitchy tropical rhythm with video game-esque beats that sound like the Super Mario Bros on shrooms. Brookie C delivers some serious Rihanna swagga with innuendo filled verses about …um… well you can listen and figure it out yourself. But, there is just something so irresistibly badass when she commands us to “follow me, follow me yeah.” Sensual. Tropical. Amazing. AKA a perfect spring break jam.

Listen Below~


“Jenny” – Studio Killers


The Studio Killers are a virtual band much like popular alt-rock crew the Gorillaz. Unlike the Gorillaz though, the Studio Killers produce some seriously catchy synth-pop in comparison to the jagged tunes that the Gorillaz put out. While their eponymous debut album is absolutely amazing (seriously check it out) one track in particular transcends into the realm of ultimate pop perfection. “Jenny” mixes the EDM sounds of St. Tropez and St. Maarten into one major aural orgasm. “I wanna ruin our friendship, we should be lovers instead,” Chubby Cherry confesses over the synth stabbing chorus. While the song is an obvious must have for a tropical getaway, the melancholy lyrics of unrequited love between two best friends are particularly captivating for any playlist. Honestly this is one of my favorite songs, and I would be lying if I said I never drunkenly cried to this song after my crush didn’t like my latest selfie on Instagram. And yes, Chubby Cherry is the lead singer’s name.

Listen Below~


“Marabou” – Antonia


Though the song isn’t new to the world, this was a surprising find for me. Out of all the songs on my list this is the most typical “loungy” vacation tune, but that does not mean it isn’t anything short of incredible. Think of “Marabou” as the post EDM sister to “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina. Unlike “Stereo Love,” which had a harder beat built for the dance floor, “Marabou” sounds just like a chilled out sunset. “Your waves will hit me like déjà vu, follow me  down to Marabou,” Antonia seductively purrs over the Latin guitar driven chorus. The whole track is almost mesmerizing enough to make you book your next vacation to Marabou (DISCLAIMER: Marabou is not a real place). But whatever, enjoy the song.

Listen Below ~


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