Life:Curated – Not Your Typical Brooklyn Bodega


So, this weekend I figured I would treat myself to a “me” day. If you don’t know what a “me” day is I suggest you start having “me” days because they are essential to your well-being. “Me” days are when you wake up feeling #FineFreshFierce and decide to tackle the glowing metropolis of Manhattan alone whilst jamming to your #SpringBreak2k15 playlists as you shop and eat whateva you want. So on my “me” day I stumbled upon what I think may be one of my new favorite shopping spots.

You may be wondering, what is this amazing place? Well, this place is called Life:Curated and it’s situated nicely on the corner of Bedford Ave and Grand St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In a typical hipster Brooklyn fashion a majority of their clothes come from local artists and designers. But this isn’t some pretentious bodega where the peddler claims that the threads of some plain white shirt were crafted by some organic witch doctor from Jupiter. Instead, they have diverse selections from Herschel to Zanerobe that could please anyone. If your feeling #classy you can pick up a printed button down that would look great on a date or a casual stroll to class or work. If you’re feeling a lil #sassy you can pick up a custom made tee featuring Anna Wintour’s RBF (that’s a “resting bitch face” for the non-familiar). They even have a great selection of colognes and bathroom merchandise that may or may not pique your interest.

In all, they have a wide selection and if you’re ever in the neighborhood I would most definitely check them out. Though their stuff can get a little pricey (like obv its New York) they have sales like, all the time. On top of that everyone there is super nice and they are constantly changing and adding new material to their racks to keep the selection fresh and dare I say… #trendy. Oh, and they have a website, which connects to all their social media accounts so you can keep up with their inventory updates.


Some pictures~



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