“Lean On” Major Lazer X DJ Snake feat. MØ


Since spring break is nearly upon us (thank Lord Beysus), I’ve been scourging the Internet for some new jams to add to my spring break playlist. Luckily, Major Lazer has just dropped the properly amazing lead single off their upcoming as of yet untitled third studio album that is due to arrive this spring.

The song in question is called “Lean On” and features French DJ-Snake on production and Danish singer-songwriter MØ on vocals. Much like most of Major Lazer’s compositions, the song mixes their signature reggae sound with glitchy electronics. But, this one is a little more #turndown and “pop” as opposed to the more #turnt EDM stadium sized juggernauts the group is known for. In fact, it is almost the perfect sequel to “All My Love,” which could only make sense considering MØ co-wrote both tracks. MØ’s vocals are sultry and euphoric while cooly riding upon a chilly moombahton driven beat. “Blow a kiss! Fire a gun! We all need someone to lean on!” MØ declares before the track dips into a twerk worthy breakdown. Though nothing groundbreaking or particularly too different from past Major Lazer productions, it is most definitely one of their better singles. From “All My Love” to “Lean On,” Major Lazer has been on a winning streak as of late, and I am personally excited for more of their upcoming music.

In all, it is a perfect song to add to your #SpringBreak2k15 playlist. Listen to it on the beach as you catch some rays while sipping on some Miami vices. Listen to it at your hotel room pregame as you try to down that last shot José (barf). Or even by the pool the morning after as you contemplate the meaning of life in your post tequila bending stupor.

Listen Below ~


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