NYFW – Kanye West x Adidas

kanye final

Since this is a music and fashion blog, I figured it is only appropriate to talk about Kanye’s new shoe collaboration with Adidas. From the first show it is already apparent that the line looks way more promising than his other forays into fashion considering the trainwrecks he had at Paris Fashion week in 2011 and 2012. Yet, those presentations were solely based from his own fashion label, DW Kanye West, while this is a proper collaboration with Adidas.

Apparently inspired by the London riots of 2011(whatever that means), the designs are meant to represent “Robin Hood high fashion,” which is kind of the best way to describe the overall theme of the ensemble. Oversized coats, tattered sweaters, and darker hues are all the rave here. Picture Link from the Legend of Zelda being styled by Hedi Slimane and you basically got the look. But, we’re here to focus in on the most important aspect of the collaboration- the shoes. West has rocked the Yeezy 750 sneaker-boots around as of late, most notably at the Grammys and at the airport where he ranted about undeserving grammy winner Beck to the paps (GET THAT SHAMELESS SELF PROMO, KANYE!) Now we have a closer look at the whole line, and I am honestly impressed.

Though he claims they are “high fashion,” the shoes are something I would consider to be “high street fashion.” The colors are neutral, which is good because they can go with anything. They all look nice enough to pull together what would otherwise be a boring-ass outfit. Wear the white snakeskin runners with some sweat pants and a leather jacket and you got yourself a dope outfit. Or you can take the high-rise sneaker boots and tuck them into a pair of loud colored jeans to give it a funky Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale-esque look. In all- the line looks hella cool, but like… $425 for a pair of sneakers is mad expensive. Will I be rushing to Adidas to cop a pair on Feb. 28th? Probably not… but we’ll see.

Oh, and Miss Anna Wintour’s reaction to baby North crying during the show?

  kanye 3


Some highlights~

kanye 2    Kanye 5  Kanye 4


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