“5 A.M.” Calvin Harris feat. Tinashe



So remember about a month ago EDM-king Calvin Harris was chatting it up over at Spin that he had written a song with icy electro-R’n’B kween Tinashe that was rejected from Rihanna’s new album? Well, looks like it might have just leaked.

The song is called “5 A.M.” and unlike the last collaboration between the two with “We Found Love,” this one is a more chilled out island-EDM inflected jam. In fact, it sounds nothing like Harris, but more like something Diplo would have produced. It is almost too clear that the demo was made for Rihanna considering Tinashe is doing her best to give us that signature Caribbean vocal delivery that @badgalriri is oh so famous for. Especially when that little pre-chorus kicks in with those “bayhbey!” yelps before the whole track dips into a guitar driven reggae breakdown. The track is hot. The track is clever. The track makes me wanna give no #phucks and just sit back on a beach drinking some piña coladas (non-virgin).

Now I am not usually one to comment on leaks, but this one required some attention because let’s cut the shit: The new Rihanna single is no good.

Now I’m not saying “FourFiveSeconds” is horrendous… it’s just not that great. It actually sounds like some lame reheated Fionna Apple demo. Listen, out of all the pop bitches I rely on Rihanna to deliver me a booty poppin banga. I mean honestly… this is the girl that sang lyrics like “suck my cockiness lick my purrrsuasion.” But with “FourFiveSeconds” we get lyrics like, “Now I’m four five seconds from wildin’ and we got three more days ’til Friday.” Like… okay? But, what does that even mean though? “5 A.M.” could have been a great lead single for #R8 but instead we got this snoozy balled. Plus, that Grammys performance did it no justice- it was so boring I got up to walk my dog in the frigid snow.

Whatever though, I still have faith that our bad gal will deliver something properly amazing… let’s just hope it’s soon. For now I’ll pretend in an alternate universe Rihanna ended up serving this as her lead single and ill keep listening here in our universe waiting to see what she has next up her weave. THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR. THIS IS WHAT WE ALL WANTED TO HEAR. LET’S BE REAL PEOPLE.

Listen below ~


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