So we have to talk about Katy Perry’s performance at Super Bowl XLIX:

I am going to be completely honest here– I was among the chorus of moans when I initially heard that she was going to be performing. Like, I mean Beyoncé, MADONNA, and then … Katy Perry? “Whatever,” I thought, “Super Bowl can’t have a perfect track record… I guess.” Fast forward to Sunday, I must say I was pleasantly surprised at what she accomplished. Was it groundbreaking? No, in fact it was very derivative of both Madonna and Beyoncé’s previous performances at the Super Bowl. Katy herself even confirmed that she studied their performances meticulously in order to pull it off. Pyrotechnics like Beyoncé, LED video stage projectors like Madonna– there is no way Sunday nights performance would have happened the way it did if those leading ladies had not paved the way.

Lets break it down: She opened with “Roar” while riding on top of a giant mechanical lion. Or was it a tiger? I don’t know. It got the ball rolling, but it was nothing special. But, once the song finished everything DROPPED and the stage transformed into a giant chessboard as she sang the traptastic “Dark Horse.” This honestly was (at least for me) the most exciting part of the night. The concept was cool and the dancers were on point as Katy sashayed to the middle of the stage giving some serious face.

She then moved on to a side stage to sing, “I Kissed a Girl” with the one and only Lenny Kravitz. To be quite honest, I was surprised she performed her infamous lesbo-anthem. Sure, it’s catchy as hell and it is her breakthrough single, but what about all the impending controversy Super Bowl could potentially face from the far-right Christian lunatics? OMG THE DESTRUCTION OF FAMILY VALUES!!!! – I can literally envision the Facebook comment sections blowing up with posts just like this from some inbred hick from Arkansas. Despite how tacky the song is I am glad that there was some LGBT representation at such a huge event. TIMES ARE CHANGING YOU GUYS. And that booty drop she did on Lenny? Amazing.

The stage then transformed into an island where she performed “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls” –two of the biggest cuts from her mega hit album Teenage Dream. Complete with beach balls, palm trees, and ladies in itty-bitty polka dot bikinis, the segment was probably the most quintessential “Katy” moment of the show. Listen… this part was cute and all, but I have a weird, deep fear of inanimate objects with faces. I don’t know what it is; maybe something happened to me when I was a kid? Whatever. But those beach balls and palm trees with faces were creepy and distracting. SORRY. The sharks were cute though… kinda. Side note: the little sing back the crowd gave was pretty impressive. Imagine if no one was singing along? Would have been awkwarddddd.

All of a sudden- the attitude changed completely. Was that… was that the opening string arrangement to “Get ur Freak On?” Yes, yes it was. The one and only Queen of Hip-Hop (Sorry Iggy) popped out of the woodworks and turned up to serve up some Missy Elliot realness to the Super Bowl. Katy acted as a sort of hype girl and let our Miss E shine bright while performing her most well known hits such as “Work It” and “Lose Control.” While this was an exciting addition considering Missy hasn’t been seen for literally ten years, it was quite random. Nevertheless, it was amazing and Missy looks completely amazing. Hopefully this is setting the stage for a glorious comeback.

The show’s attention then shifted back to Katy who was now slowly being suspended in the air by a giant shooting star that clearly resembled NBC’s “The More You Know” logo as her “It Gets Better” anthem “Firework” began to fill the stadium. Despite wearing a dress that looked like it could have been made at a Michaels Arts & Crafts store, Katy looked radiant and her vocals soared as she literally flew above the crowd. The performance ended with an epic firework extravaganza while she hung above the field. In my opinion, I thought she pulled it off the finale really well seeing as I honestly would have shat myself if I were that high above the field. Though Katy Perry is arguably the biggest parody in pop music right now, I must say that the show was spectacular. It had all the tacky Katy elements, but it was not nearly as cringe worthy as I thought it would have been. The vocals were on point and the general vision for the whole spectacle was impressive. Was it Beyoncé? No. Was it Madonna? Hell no. It was Katy Perry and for Katy it was really amazing. Good job girl. And yes as an avid Zelda fan with a Nintendo Wii– I am a firm believer that she was indeed wearing a Wii Remote strap on her microphone during “Firework.”

Watch below ~


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